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"After meeting with Worksite Benefit Partners, we quickly realized that there were better plans, rates and underwriting offers available to our large, growing company. They shopped the market, made recommendations and we couldn't be happier. Employees who had previously been denied coverage are now covered!"

- Melissa, HR Manager - Engineering Company     Mandeville, La

"Danny consolidated plans, improved our coverage, has our billing perfectly correct and now, everything is running smooth. Benefits are enjoyable to administer again. We are very happy that we chose to use Worksite Benefit Partners and I would highly recommend them!"

- Mary, HR Manager - Distributor Company      New Orleans, La

What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Worksite Benefits Partners met with us and immediately pointed out areas of our benefits program that could be improved. During the three days of enrollment, they treated each and every employee with great care and concern. Our employees easily saw that this was a big improvement compared to the plans and service that they had previously received."

- Heather, HR Manager - Construction Company     Harvey, La